Swapping Tarot Cards & Other Items

Hi everyone,

I know that sometimes we buy items/ even tarot cards we grow tired of, and we wish for something new to replace them.
I have a couple of decks I would like to replace because I used very little, and are in almost new condition.

Please find below pictures of the two tarot decks I want to swap at the moment with Halloween decks or with the Tarot of the Sexual Magic deck.

1. The first deck I offer for swap is a tarot set (deck plus companion book in a hard box with magnet lock), the Tarot of the Celtic Faeries by Mark McElroy:

2. The second deck I offer is the Golden Botticelli Tarot by Atanas Alexanrov Atanassov.

You can contact me in  private, by social media by Facebook or Twitter or you can leave a message in comments to his post.

I also have available for swapping an astrological oracle set, called Karma Cards: book and cards, in good condition. This oracle deck I used to use more often in the past, but I no longer use.

Please see picture below:

Blessed be,

Biancat Tarot

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