Monday, August 28, 2017

"Break Free" 30 day challenge- Becoming a Queen of Pentacles

I am currently employed as an internet consultant and market researcher, but like many others I always hoped one day to run my own business and become financially independent.

If you are interested in this topic to break free on your own and to make a living by running your own business without constraints, there are a couple of excellent books in the field. I am a fan of Barbara Winter's "Making a living without a job",  Chris Gullebeau's "$100 Startup", John Williams'    "Screwwork Break Free and Yaro Starak's "Blueprint".

These are excellent motivational books that will be easy to read and help you envision your own future without a boss.

I have been a Queen of Wands - in my 20 s and 30 s than I became an Empress when I was married and had my son, then I turned into a High Priestess after my divorce and then an Empress again and now I wish to became a Queen of Coins.

I am writing this blog article to make a commitment to take a 30 days challenge- to launch a business idea in 30 days- as proposed by John Williams.

My business idea it will be outlined in here twice a week with actual steps I take into becoming a Queen of Coins- a resourceful, financially self-sufficient person, not necessarily rich, but charitable toward others, a "practical manager"(- as defined by Anthony Lewis), a business woman and an excellent organizer. Much more, there will be inspirational and motivational articles for making a better, happier more fulfilling life for myself and others.
The Queen of Coins is sometimes interchangeable with the Empress as stated by John Mangiapane in "It's all in the Cards". That is an excellent point because that is  exactly where I am right now and is the point I am evolving from.

I encourage you all to take the 30 day business idea challenge and see if you can make a life change for yourself. More about this at for information videos.

Bless be,
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