Sunday, January 17, 2016

Spirit Guide Reading

A Spirit Guide reading is what I found by chance in an old Prediction Magazine. Prediction's tarot expert Xanna Eve Chown presents a very interesting four- card spread to help us get in touch with our Spirit Guides. It is important to know that according to experts each of us has  at least two guardian angels and they stay with us from birth to death. 

Below I use my personal reading as an example.

I shuffled the cards and have drawn 4 cards one by one asking the following questions:
- card number 1: What your guide is like? In this question you ask the guide to give you a sign in physical world indicating his nature. I got the King of Wands
- card number 2: Why your guide is with you now? I received the 5 of Wands
- card number 3: What your guide wants you to know? 7 of Swords
- card number 4: What your guide wants you to do? 6 of Wands


This reading worked for me perfectly! It was exactly what I needed to know and if used right it could be just as useful for you too. I totally encourage you use it and see what you get and see if any the information you receive will click with you also.

Here are my thoughts on the cards I received in my reading:

Card number 1:

King of Wands- this is the man I always thought I wanted to meet and I think is the best fit for me out of all the Tarot Kings. He represents an Aries man. Also my Mars is in Aries, meaning that my ideal fit for me in astrological terms is a man with Aries like qualities: a generous and passionate nature, enthusiastic and kind, someone you can depend on. He is also a good conversationalist and has great sense of humor.

The man who matched this qualities most closely was another fiery men, my ex husband. I wonder what that means? Should I search from someone from my Past?

Card number 2:

5 of Wands- there is a competition. It means that the guide is with me to help me win a competition, a struggle, a challenge or even an argument.

Card number 3:

7 of Swords- well, it looks like that I am involved in a struggle I should not be part of. In other words I should be away from the complicated relationships that I am in, if I am to move towards my set goals.

Card number 4:

6 of Wands-this means the guide wants me to be a Winner.

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